Friday, 19 September 2014

MS CRM 2013 Showing a Specific Process Stage

Suppose you have a Business Process Flow with multiple Stages on entity Opportunity say


Now I want to create the opportunity from Stage 3(Propose).Using JavaScript you can easily achieve this.

Solution: We should get the ProcessID and StageID for the Given Business Process Flow.

Get the ProcessID and  use ProcessStage table to get the Stages  where ProcessID equals will display StageID for all the stages. Get the Propose StageID.

Use JavaScript to open the new record :

var parameters = {};
parameters["formid"] = "A837E4A7-01B8-4F82-A475-BE9ABD67E667";//Specific form id
parameters["stageid"] = "1B015DCA-9790-D8D0-0425-54EECEE24900"; // Stage ID for a specific Stage say "Propose"
Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm("opportunity", null, parameters);



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MS CRM 2011 and 2013 not working properly with Chrome.

One day while opening MS CRM 2011 in chrome browser I found out that it is not showing  modal dialog. Although it was working fine in IE.I thought there is some bug in application.

Some other day I was working on CRM 2013 and I noticed some functionalities are broken in Chrome.

1.Button Click events were not working for a dynamatically created HTML DIV.
2.On Form customization I faced some issues.

Later I found out that it is due to update of Chrome browser (37).They removed  number of API which results in such issues.

Below is the explanation  and workaround of this  issue.

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