Friday, 24 May 2013

Using Child Workflows in MS CRM 2011.

While working with the Projects we have to implement several logic as per the Client Need.

Here is the requirement.

1)Case Severity can be (1,2,3,4) Where 1 is the highest and 4 is the lowest.
2)Whenever Severity is raised to 1.It should trigger a mail to an user and keep on sending until Status of the Case is Closed.


1)"Keep on sending until Status of the Case is Closed" this Can be achieved using child workflow.
2)"Whenever severity is raised to 1" :It means we should compare the previous severity with the new severity.

So we should Create  a custom field "previous severity".Set this field  with the value of case severity.When the Case is Created.You can achieve this using either workflow or JavaScript.

Creating Workflows:We will create two workflows

1)Main Workflow
2)Child workflow

Main workflow will call the child workflow and child workflow will call itself to achieve this.

Main Workflow Screen shot:

Child Workflow Screen shot:

Note : This workflow is on change of "Severity" of case.

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